sexta-feira, 3 de março de 2017


Dear Sirs,
I suppose you are smart enough.
I also suppose that you are updated about some technical information about the progress of our current civilization, outside the pseudo-truths of alleged power groups, who usually know where the truth lies.
As good observers that you are, I suppose you already know that:
1 -Oil is mineral, from an inorganic origin, produced by the pressure that the Earth's crust makes as the universal entropy happens. In parallel, there is knowledge of other energy sources with lower costs. Many have come to the right conclusions, as we have never seen deactivated wells and new fields are always found.

2 - The automatic machines, besides being produced automatically, will soon be powered by energy without consuming anything. The patents already exist. Even with attempts to stop them, they gradually come into play.
3 - The active part of the populations is now able to produce, with badly managed resources, more than the total population can consume. And people in a state of abundance start living longer and having fewer children so we will need to encourage more births.
4 - In this circumstances, it is necessary to make a reassessment of the global economic and demographic guidelines.
5 –The human program is now, consequently:
a) We must accelerate the production and consumption of oil, or else there will be terrible explosions and burns.
b) The machines will produce too much and instead of reducing populations, we will need to plan how to have more customers.
c) These customers need to be aware of their true position on the planet, without so many falsehoods. They need to be kept healthy by true knowledge so that they have a more peaceful attitude and increasing income in order to consume more.
d) The Health that results from knowing our bodies well will be kept if we produce only healthy things and teach the truth.
e) The necessary peace for constant consumption will result from an entirely true education, the right to come and go and prosper personally, with recognized merits and ensuring complete control over their property rights, in well-organized families with harmony and respect both domestic and social.
f) Rising incomes for all are possible and easy if we give part of the production profits, made with low production costs, to everyone. It will be proportional to the educational function and true merits, thus keeping the upward spiral of Qualilife (Quality of Life Program). This is the program that will always be most profitable and peaceful. It will happen with your help and even with your tenacious opposition in the service of the shadows ...

I see that there is a hidden evil enemy, disclosing that there is a Club of Malicious Domination who wants to load in your responsibility a Project that goes against YOUR OWN INTERESTS.

A mortality produced by hundreds of centuries of dark power dominating humanity created a caste of human beings who discovered the plot and understood their autonomy outside the physical body, resting in the Essence, above the level of existence where the reptilians can act. They are what the masters of the past called "saints", "Buddha’s," awake, teachers, fans of light, and other names. Today there are billions! Not only do they teach the ones that tune them, but also they collect on their "island" at the top, the ones who suffered the attack of the reptiles without surrounding, and they also are reborn whenever they choose to help while the deadline given to the reptiles to finish their "play" approaches. They say that these shadows intend to kill more than 4 billion humans by the year 2050 ... But, calculate well - there will be more than 12 billion of us by that time... So, if they manage to kill 4 billion with their "plays", we will have at least 8 billion left ...

Or can anyone convince us that only the negative forces are directing reincarnations?

We are clearly informed that:
1. These destructive policies are intended to destroy the elites who think they are The Lords of the World, giving you the illusion that you are these elites and are safe.
2. So there is a conspiracy in the shadows against you.
3. These non-humans are about to turn you into a handful of slaves to be devoured whenever they want, without being able to react, thinking that you control everything but you only obey suicide suggestions.
4. The weapons of these non-humans are four lures that they impose on you:
a) Destroying family morals and the good use of sexuality so that your families genetically disappear as each one of you become their food on their grills.
b) Making you address the financial and economic values ​​as gambling without limits to pile up assets that you will not use because they have an hallucinatory function  under the illusion that you are destroying the other humans, but what that really does is to awaken and strengthen them further.
c) Expanding the production and imposition of drugs by illegal means and in legalized pharmaceutical drugs, giving you the illusion that it is profitable to destroy consumers. The victims end up being you along with those who may be allies in the New Order.
d) Producing more weapons, thinking that you profit from this trade and the destruction they cause.

On the side of the shadows, the reptilians have no peace! They increasingly need more energy to suck a population that GROWS and they cannot control anymore!
They are sterile and cannot reproduce! They must be coming to despair!


This beings from the shadows have an "agenda", that is, a plan, which is to kill six billion humans and save some 500 million hypnotized and submissive slaves (those who believe they are the Lords of the World).

How is everything happening?

The opposite of the Agenda!

Populations grow! More resources appear! The average life span increases over time! Knowledge increases and spreads! The number of people who avoid taking part in conflicts increases! Although new technologies are used to enslave, they are also in the hands of the good!

A-Think as intelligent beings that you are, The Worthless Assets generated in this senseless process, WILL NEVER REALLY BECOME PROPERTY OF ANY MEMBER OF THE CLUB.

B- And there's more! You will all die without seeing your plans come true and will too late wake up being the barbecue in the grills of the beings from the shadows that deceive you.

C-On the other hand, outside your control, grow your human opponents who are good, in number, longevity and knowledge, because the reaction against the destructive operations make humans wiser, more conscious, invincible and with indestructible consciousness after death.

D- The inventions that will change all of this, have already escaped from the control of the Lords who enslave you.

It will be a sign of Wisdom to change from supposed enslavers to true humans, showing that you really are superior, releasing from the anti-human forces together with all mankind.

We hope that you wake up from this dream induced by the evil power from anti-human levels in time and make an intelligent exit from this insanity.

This is what we all wish you and will help you achieve as you truly wake up.

We have a group of humans in a higher level of existence that is above the beings from the darkness who have attained this understanding and they will give you the blessings that the dark beings who enslave us can never give.


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